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The Count Basie Theatre’s educational mission is to provide a foundation of cultural enrichment to students of all ages and economic levels. These efforts include arts instruction and coursework, plus unique programs like professional development for teachers and bus-in programs for students in underprivileged school districts. The theatre’s Education and Outreach Programs and its faculty aim to offer an ever-changing suite of programming designed to enrich the Count Basie Theatre community as a whole.


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Moser Taboada Arts Impact Scholarship

Red Bank, NJ: Moser Taboada Law Firm of Shrewsbury, NJ has generously established the Moser Taboada Arts Impact Scholarship to benefit Monmouth County high school seniors for their continuing education. The scholarship, coordinated by the Count Basie Theatre, will begin in the 2013/2014 school year and is open to high school seniors whose lives, academic, and career choices have been impacted by the arts. The nomination deadline is March1, and scholarships will be announced and awarded in May at the Count Basie Theatre’s annual Basie Awards ceremony.

“We are thrilled to connect this new scholarship to the annual Basie Awards,” said Count Basie Theatre’s Director of Education Yvonne Lamb-Scudiery, “Offering an arts impact scholarship is the maturation and logical progression in what has become a valued awards ceremony that recognizes the process and impact of the arts in addition to the outstanding performances.”
Ray Moser, Moser Taboada Law Firm, announces the Moser Taboada Arts Impact Scholarship
at the 8th Annual Basie Awards

The Count Basie Theatre’s commitment to the arts and its ability to heal, inspire, educate and challenge was the philosophy behind the creation of the Count Basie Theatre Awards in 2005. Barnabas Health, this year’s sponsor of the Eighth Annual Basie Awards, and Moser Taboada are also strong advocates of the benefits gleaned from an active participation in the arts.

“Our law firm is an intellectual property law firm that uses copyrights, patents and trademarks to protect the intellectual property of authors, actors, musicians and inventors,” said Ray Moser, partner of the law firm, “We see creative and innovative ideas that arise from being engaged in creative and artistic activities. This scholarship is our way to give back to the community and encourage creativity and life-long learning.”
2015 Moser Taboada Arts Impact Scholarship
All applications should be submitted no later than 4PM Friday, March 6, 2015
For criteria and guidelines please click here.
Please address any questions you may have regarding the process to Count Basie Theatre’s Education Department at: OR 732-224-8778 x106 
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