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The Count Basie Theatre’s educational mission is to provide a foundation of cultural enrichment to students of all ages and economic levels. These efforts include arts instruction and coursework, plus unique programs like professional development for teachers and bus-in programs for students in underprivileged school districts. The theatre’s Education and Outreach Programs and its faculty aim to offer an ever-changing suite of programming designed to enrich the Count Basie Theatre community as a whole.


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Bus In School Shows

2014-2015 Count Basie Theatre Bus-in School Shows!
 From pre-school to high school, students from around New Jersey have the opportunity to come to Count Basie Theatre and see culturally enriching and theatrically exciting events that can be integrated to enhance any curriculum area. Over the past year, nearly 5,000 students, teachers and seniors have and enjoyed our bus-in performances!

October 27 • 10:30AM
Tickets: $10
Physical comedy meets classical music including Mozart, Handel, and Shostakovich, and mixes with contemporary circus acts to create this whirlwind performance by Prague’s Cirk la Putyka. Dancers, actors, mimes, and comedians come together for this performance of multiple art forms and disciplines, in Slapstick Sonata, Cirk la Putyka’s United States world premiere. Described as an “absurd yet poetic theatre piece,” Slapstick Sonata will sure to have students amazed and laughing the whole way through.

February 25 • 10:30AM
Tickets: $10

Bringing awareness to African-American history and culture during our February 2015 Black History Month celebration, Lula introduces students to various dance styles including works or excerpts from their current tour. Ms. Washington trained at the highly respected and legendary school University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where she received her Master of Fine Arts in Dance. She has since been engaging students in demonstrations and call and response exercises for over thirty years, and through her school has taught dance to over 45,000 inner-city students. Lula Washington Dance Theatre is the perfect interactive performance combining history, culture,
performance and education during Black History Month.

March 31 • 11AM
Tickets: $10

The African Children’s Choir features children aged 7 to 10 singing a combination of well-known children’s songs as well as traditional and contemporary music. Inspiring audiences around the world through music, the African Children’s Choir bring audiences to their feet through the hope they emanate, the musical talent they share, and the power of their music.

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