Brundibár & Friedl Children’s Operas

In Association with Ocean County College

SAT • AUG 19 • 8PM

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Tickets: $20

The performance of the children’s opera Brundibár, by Jewish Czech composer Hans Krista will be directed by the Los Angeles Opera’s Eli Villanueva as part of a two-week intensive study performed by the Basie’s Performing Arts Academy students. Originally performed by the children of Theresienstadt concentration camp in occupied Czechoslovakia, the opera tells the story of a brother and sister who join forces with a sparrow, a cat, and a dog to outwit the evil organ grinder, Brundibár. An accompanying piece, Friedl, written and composed by Villanueva, will also be performed.

Sunday, August 20th at 2PM at The Jay and Linda Grunin Center at Ocean County College
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Friedl cast:

Friedl Dicker-Brandeis — Claire Taylor
Tella (Music Teacher) — Catherine Creed
Ivo Keo Katz — Jack Kelly
Josef Novak — Amir Kamil
Jerry Rind — Lev Brewer
Petr Ginz — Andreas Psillos
Maria — Nevaeh Sickles
Lilly — Ria Kiafoulis
Ela — Olivia Marino
Flaska — Mia Spallina
Helga — Abigail Pukin
Ruth — Lydia Lu
Eva — Sofia Ranucci
Anita — Amanda Philipson

Ensemble: Lauryn Boyle, Olivia Lee, Isabella Lee, Isabella Moitoso, Camille Pugliese, Alexandra Pennington, Skylar Yannello, Nick DiBlasi, Trinitee Smith, Eli Fisch, Alicia Henderson, Amaya Love

Brundibár cast:

Little Joe — Alexandra Pennington
Annette — Abigail Pukin
Ice Cream Vendor — Camille Pugliese
Baker — Sofia Ranucci
Milkman — Alejandra Morales
Policeman — Andreas Psillos
Brundibár — Kris Zook
Bird — Amanda Philipson
Cat — Skylar Yannello
Dog — Claire Taylor

Ensemble: Lauryn Boyle, Lev Brewer, Catherine Creed, Cakie Dym, Amir Kamal, Jack Kelly, Olivia Lee, Isabella Lee, Lydia Lu, Olivia Marino, Regina Messenger, Isabella Moitoso, Francesca Ranucci, Nevaeh Sickles, Mia Spallina, Grace Sweeney, Ria Kiafoulis, Nick DiBlasi, Trinitee Smith, Eli Fisch, Alicia Henderson, Amaya Love, Nevaeh Love


Presented by Count Basie Theatre Performing Arts Academy. Brundibár is presented by arrangement with Bote & Block Berlin and Boosey & Hawkes, Inc.