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CO-OP Marketing Services

Although theatre renters supply their own advertising and marketing at their own expense, the Count Basie Theatre offers a number of marketing services to help make your event a success. If there is one thing we have learned about successfully putting on a show, it's do not underestimate the amount of marketing and advertising it will take to sell your tickets. A good estimated advertising budget is in the range of $4,000 to $10,000 per show.

No Charge Services Included In Your Theatre Rental:

WEB SITE: Your event will be listed on the event page of approximately in the same size and dimensions as all other events. The description includes: Title of show, Date and time, Presenter's name, Ticket Prices, A link to the show or presenter's web site (If available), A link to buy tickets online, Description - generally around 100 words, but it can be a little longer if necessary, and a photo of the artist or event. Please provide us with a description and the web link BEFORE your show goes on sale. Descriptions can be emailed to: or faxed to 732-842-9323.

BROADCAST EMAIL: Every month the Basie sends a "This Month at the Basie" email to its private email list of 75,000 addresses. Your event will be included the month of your show.

MARQUEE: Shows that the box office sells advance tickets for are listed on the marquee in date order. Shows that the box office does not sell advance tickets for are listed on the marquee on show day only.

POSTER PLACEMENT: Supply us with a 24"x36"poster (not mounted on foam core), and it will be placed in our display window. (Posters may have to be rotated based on show dates) OR, you may have one designed and printed by us at the nominal fee of $75 per poster.

MEMBER ADVANCE NOTIFICATION: The theatre's contributing members receive advance notification of upcoming shows before the general public announcement. Grant permission to sell tickets to our members before your "on sale" date, and the theatre will assume the cost of notifying members.

UPCOMING EVENTS VOICE MAIL: the box office's "Upcoming Events" mailbox is updated bi-weekly, and your event will be included.

Additional Services You Can Purchase To Promote Your Event:

Our best-selling tool, we currently print 72,000 Calendar of Events every two months. (This list grows by 1,000 -2,000 each printing.) Approximately 68,000 are direct-mailed to our ticket buyers and the rest are sent to NJ State Welcome Centers, malls, libraries, real estate offices and other public distribution sites. The calendar is a four color publication. Your event and a photo can be included in the same size and dimensions as every other event. The deadlines for participation are listed below. We can sometimes accommodate an event after the deadline. Call the Marketing Department at 732-224-8778 x107 if you have any questions.

Time Period of Calendar
November 15
January 15
March 15
May 15
July 15
September 15
Mailing Date (approximate)
December 25
February 25
April 25
June 25
August 25
October 25

We will send an up to 100 word description of your event in a broadcast message to our email list of approximately 75,000 names announcing the addition of your event. This list includes everyone who has opened our emails within the past six months.

DISPLAY ADVERTISING PACKAGE - WITH PHOTO (Contact Marketing Department for Rates)
The Count Basie Theatre runs display ads every Sunday in the Asbury Park Press; every other week in Two River Times; bi-monthly in Star Ledger; and occasionally in other local publications.
(Note: you must supply a high-res photo of your artist.) Ads are designed and filed well in advance of their run date. To participate, contact the Marketing Department as soon as your show is confirmed.

Other advertising opportunities in specialty publications may be available. Please call the Marketing Department for further information.


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